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Paula Bernardic • Purpose Empowerment Coach

"I help women who are stuck and disconnected from their purpose to embrace their vulnerability and fully reclaim their power."

Are you living to your FULL potential?

Do you have a sense that you're destined to be more, do more and have more?

When we understand how and why we’ve been getting in our own way, we’re able to find compassion for “Self”.

This compassion creates a safe space where we can peel off the layers that no longer serve us, tap in to misplaced resources and access our highest potential.

If you’re looking to be supported and empowered to reclaim your vulnerability, magnificence and power, and access the limitless potential available within YOU, then I can help!

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Hello Darling,

I'm Paula and I'm delighted you're here.

I’m the founder of PB Success Coaching. I help people like you overcome persistent blocks through world-class, transformational one-on-one coaching, group mentoring and live workshops.

I help you reconnect deeply with your body, mind and soul so you can live a life of purpose, passion and fulfilment.

​I’m a Purpose Empowerment Coach. I support women who are feeling stuck and disconnected from their purpose to lean in to discomfort, embrace vulnerability and fully reclaim their power.

I’ve helped thousands of clients and mentees to get unstuck, embrace uncertainty, reconnect with misplaced resources and live their best life. 

Working in private practice, high performance culture, government and not-for-profits, I’ve been in the psychological, mental health and wellness spaces since 2004.

I’m passionate about supporting people from all walks of life to realise fully we always have choice. That is our superpower.

Whether you’re looking to gain confidence, make changes in your personal or professional life, or just connect with like-minded and like-hearted people, I’m here to help you actualise your potential, then design and live your best life.

– Paula Bernardic

My Client Experiences

Do you know how you think compared to others?

Take the Meta Dynamics™ Thinking Style Profile to find out.

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Working Together

To help you overcome fear and self-doubt, together we’ll work to set meaningful goals so you can experience even more success and live life on YOUR terms.

As a Coach, my primary goal is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Our sessions can take many forms, including:

How Can I Help You?

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Do you know how you think compared to others?

Take the Meta Dynamics™ Thinking Style Profile to find out.